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Going back and forth between Austin, TX and Seoul. Potentially considering relocating back to Seoul. I have been managing a private fund focusing on commercial real estate in central TX. I have also been making small allocations in early stage venture funds. I’ve had a coffee roasting business as well as a sustainable oral care CPG business in the past. Having lived in the UK, Guatemala and TX, I consider myself the citizen of the world. My motto is “forest built, community nurtured” - would be happy to elaborate the meaning behind the motto in person.
For the past 2 years, I have been supporting an international community with a similar vision and mission called Dionz on multiple levels (I sit on the board, bring people in to the community etc.) (https://ecosystem.dionz.org/) I have done so because I believe in the importance of community as a platform, where people with diverse backgrounds yet shared values can connect on a relational level. What is to life besides relationships and experiences?